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Professional Services

Our support experts are fully prepared to help you build processes for your organization’s needs.

Don’t have time to build your Software Robots on your own?

Have our WinAutomation experts do all the work for you. We understand that users don’t always have the luxury of spare time to learn how to use WinAutomation and work hands-on automating their tasks. For that, WinAutomation offers Professional Services and a powerful support desk for users to assign all their automation set-up work to automation experts.

The Process: Contact us and describe your task

The first thing you need to do is fill in the web form below and describe the task you need to automate. Try to be as detailed as possible and attach any files you think will help us to better understand the process. For example, you can include some screenshots or, even better, a screencast that will demonstrate the various actions you need to automate. If you are not sure whether the specific task can be automated there’s nothing to worry about, our automation specialist will contact you and let you know if the task can or not be automated and if so how.

Our experienced automation specialists are just one form-fill away

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Discuss the details of the project with an expert

If the task can be automated, our automation specialist will get in contact with you and schedule an online meeting. During the session you will prompted to describe the process steps that needs to be automated. Having got all the details needed, our expert will inform you of the available options and task’s complexity. Any questions you might have will be answered.

Receive the proposal

Once the discussion has come to an end and all questions have been answered, you will have a crystal clear view of all the various aspects your task needs in order to be automated. For example, you will know whether the automation needs to be created directly onto your machine through a Remote Desktop Session, how long it will take for the job to be built and what the total cost will be. Notice that even though some tasks may be very complex, our specialists possess the knowledge and experience to analyze and build them in a matter of hours or for the most complex of them in a matter of days. Also, do keep in mind that you will not have to pay for anything unless you agree to the solution our specialist suggests.