Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers for frequently asked questions on download, install, setup, and upgrade of WinAutomation

I have an old license and I would like to update it to the latest one. Do I need to purchase a new license?2019-08-12T18:43:13+03:00

Through the User Area, you can update a license from a previous version to the latest WinAutomation v9.

How can I access my license?2018-10-05T02:32:26+03:00

You can access and manage your license, by navigating to the “Manage Licenses” link found in the footer. You can access and manage your license by clicking here.

What is Robotic Process Automation?2018-10-05T02:28:33+03:00

Robotic Automation, is the mimicking of a workstation to the human’s actions, to fulfill rule-based tasks. Robotic Automation is split into two different kinds. RDA (Robotic Desktop Automation), a standalone platform for automation of processes such as WinAutomation. The second kind of Robotic Automation, is RPA (Robotic Process Automation) that refers to a centralized solution for larger environments with multiple workstations such as Softomotive’s enterprise tool, ProcessRobot.

How is WinAutomation Licensed and how much does it cost?2019-08-12T18:44:41+03:00

As per the End User License Agreement, WA is licensed on a per-user, per-machine basis, which means that each license of WinAutomation cannot be run on more than one machine.

For up to date pricing please visit www.winautomation.com/pricing

How can I transfer a license to another user?2019-08-12T18:45:40+03:00

You can transfer a license from a different purchase which was made from another email address, following the instructions below: First, you would need to login to the User Area with the account that you want to transfer the license to. At the bottom of the page please click on “Can’t find your license here? Link your past purchases to your account by providing an email address”. In the popup window fill in the email address under which the license you wish to transfer is registered. An email will be sent to that address so that the current owner can pass the license.

What are WinAutomation’s minimum requirements?2019-08-09T09:41:20+03:00

WinAutomation, works on any workstation with Operating System Windows Vista or later, or Windows Server 2008 or later in case of a server.
Please also note, that in case you are automating any web-based processes, WinAutomation supports Internet Explorer 8 or higher / Google Chrome 50 or higher /Mozilla Firefox 50 or higher and in case your automation involves Microsoft Office, WinAutomation supports Microsoft Office 2010 and above.
In terms of hardware, please note, that the minimum requirements are CPU: Dual core from Intel or AMD at 2.2 GHz, 2GB of RAM memory and 1GB of disc space.
Kindly note, that in case the process you are automating requires some resources itself, they would need to be added on top to the aforementioned.