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WinAutomation v9 has arrived.

Powerful desktop automation with 8 totally new features and over 12 functionality improvements.

Previously available in three editions, now consolidated into one – WinAutomation v9 is our most powerful, top-of-the-range desktop automation solution yet. Maintaining the ease-of-use WinAutomation is renowned for, WinAutomation v9 is now licensed via annual subscription, which includes on-going support and regular feature updates.

Better performance

With enhanced performance functionality you can now run as many concurrent processes as you want.

Increased security

Use Cryptography Actions to protect the handling of sensitive data, or use CyberArk vault to secure and store passwords.

Broaden and Improve Application Management

New features give you the power to automate legacy systems, mainframes and databases, with new integration with best-of-breed cognitive services.

On-demand Product Tour

Get a complete overview of the key capabilities that are included in the newest release of WinAutomation. Learn more from Softomotive’s product team through a presentation of the new features.

We are here if you need us

Our multi-disciplinary, professional support team is committed to giving you the smoothest RPA journey. We will answer your questions on how to use WinAutomation, or help you get a head start with building process automations for you.

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