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Release History

Version 9.0.1

Improvements and Corrections:

    • Autologin used to return an error when a legal notice was in place.
    • Corrected issue on “Get Password from CyberArk” action where it falsely required an AppID parameter.
    • Macro recorder now records the “Populate Text Field on Window” action instead of the “Send Keys” action.
    • Corrected issue where Java elements could not be captured if Java was not installed in English.
    • Corrected issue where “Decrypt Text” action added whitespaces in the encrypted text.
    • File Monitor trigger now recognizes the “~$” characters.

Version 9.0

Improved: Adjusted width size in the Custom Dialog designed to show all the required information.

New Licensing

        • Licensing shifts from perpetual to annual subscription
        • The license expiration date is added in the “Options & License” Tab of the WinAutomation Console

General New Features

        • Global Concurrency Policy can now be set
        • New Triggers added:
          • Exchange Email Monitor,
          • Database Monitor,
          • Performance Counter
        • Recurring Schedules can be assigned a Start and Expiration date & time


        • Concurrency Policy subtab added to the Console Options Tab

Process Designer

        • The option to remove all breakpoints in a Process has been added
        • Controls in the Controls Repository can now be sorted

New Actions :

        • “Run Python Script” Action enables Users to execute Python scripts
        • “Cryptography” Action group enables the encrypting, decrypting and hashing of data and files
        • “CaptureFast” Action group provides integration with the cloud-based data capturing platform CaptureFast
        • “CyberArk” Action group offers integration with the CyberArk secure password vault platform
        • “Cognitive” Action group enables integration with Cognitive functions provided by Google, IBM and Microsoft
        • “Terminal Emulation” Action group allows interaction with legacy terminals

Improvements & Fixes:

        • Email triggers can now retrieve the password from the Command Line
        • User Agent no longer fails to connect when Authentication options are missing
        • Improved capturing and use of Pager elements in Google Chrome
        • The “Include Subfolders” option when synchronizing files on SFTP Servers now works as expected
        • “Find Usages” in the Process Designer is no longer case sensitive
        • Improvements in UI and Web Automation
        • The Table Extraction Preview no longer omits the first row when an entire HTML Table is extracted
        • Improved performance in workstations where Java is not installed
        • Restarting the WinAutomation Server no longer causes an error in Autologin using Command Line
        • Information window no longer pops up when the cursor does not hover over the WinAutomation tray icon
        • Using Mouse and Keyboard Actions in compiled Processes no longer causes an error
        • Improved the performance of UI Controls in compiled Processes

Version 8.0.6

Improvements and Corrections:

    • Use of pagers when extracting web data is now fully functional.
    • “Launch new Internet Explorer” Action exception handling is now able to handle all related exceptions.
    • Macro Recorder now recognizes the use of “Populate Text Field in Window” Action.
    • Java automation is now independent of the Java installation language.
    • Controls captured in previous software versions are now fully compatible with the latest version.
    • Improved performance of SAP automation.
    • File Monitor Trigger can now filter for filenames containing the characters “~$”.
    • Legal notice on startup no longer causes Autologin to fail.
    • Regions and Comments can now be added in Switch blocks, outside Cases.

Version 8.0.5

Improvements and Corrections:

    • Improved functionality of UI Selectors in Processes that have been compiled as executables.
    • Improved ability to migrate Processes from version 6.0.7.
    • Improved performance of Console for environments where Java is not installed.
    • Improved functionality of synchronizing FTP directories over secure FTP connections.
    • Improved ability to set a value to the Variable that holds the results of the “Display Custom Dialog” Action.
    • Issues with including Mouse and Keyboard Actions in Processes compiled as executables have been resolved.
    • Improved ability of the “Find Usages” feature to reliably perform case insensitive searches.
    • Issue with Autologin via Command Line not working as expected on Server restart has been resolved.
    • Issues with “Launch New Chrome” Action not working as expected when the browser was already launched for some time have been resolved.

Version 8.0.4

Improvements & Fixes:

    • Adjusted width size in the Custom Dialog designed to show all the required information.
    • All actions within a Switch, now require to be within a Case as well.
    • Backup of the database can now be performed for any database size.
    • Performance of UI/Desktop actions.
    • Performance of Web Automation actions.
    • Send Email action, now works with accounts that do not require authentication.
    • “Merge PDF Files” action now supports password protected files.
    • WinAutomation now supports File monitoring Trigger for network folders for logged out users.
    • “Zip File” and “Unzip File” actions now support the use of password protected files.
    • Variables comparison according to their datatypes.
    • Send Email through Outlook action now supports sending emails from shared mailboxes.
    • Improved location of objects using image recognition actions.
    • “Invoke Web Service” action now includes the HTTP Patch method.
    • Ability to extract text through digitally signed PDF documents.
    • Exporting the Logs from the WinAutomation Console, now includes the additional details as well.
    • “Synchronize FTP” Action now takes the “Transfer Type” settings in the WinAutomation Console Options Tab into consideration before the transfer.
    • Fix on control’s extraction from the Automation Browser.
    • “Open FTP” Action used to throw an error when used with Autologin.

Version 8.0.3

Improvements & Fixes:

    • Web Selectors now support use of Regular expressions.
    • “Retrieve Exchange Email Messages” Action now supports shared email accounts.
    • User now gets notified before deleting a Trigger or Schedule.
    • Processes imported from a higher version can be opened in the Process Designer, informing the user that the specific actions are not supported.
    • “Send Click” Action, now sends correct Left/Right click when mouse button settings are reversed.
    • Improved interaction with Excel files in 32-bit installations.
    • Legal Notice message now gets bypassed when Autologin is used.

Version 8.0.2

Improvements & Fixes:

    • WinAutomation is able to access and interact with SAP applications (Only available in the Professional Plus Edition).
    • Logs, can now be exported in .xlsx, .xls and .csv format.
    • Search Option so that to search for functions in the functions pane.
    • “Send Keys” action, now supports to send the “Enter” key located on the NumPad.
    • WinAutomation, now works with the Chrome version 69.0.3497.81

Version 8.0.1

Improvements & Fixes:

    • WinAutomation is able to access and interact with Java-based applications (Only available in the Professional Plus Edition).
    • WinAutomation is now a high-dpi friendly application.
    • Actions that included Unicode characters, now accept the use of variables without throwing an error.
    • Move mouse to image in selected sub-region now targets the correct image on the screen.
    • Generated executables now accept the use of “Launch Chrome” and “Launch Firefox” actions.
    • Triggers and Schedules operate correctly among multiple users.