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Manage Automations

Attended and Unattended Automation

Collaborate with your Processes or let them run with zero supervision

Manage Automations Triggers & Schedules

Triggers & Schedules

WinAutomation enables you to run processes in the background based on a day/ time schedule or event occuring on your desktop machine.


Secure your Automations and don’t worry about data they contain, or about being visible to indiscreet eyes while executing.

Exception Handling

WinAutomation offers different levels of Exception Handling to cater for even the most unforeseen cases. (4 Levels + screenshots on error + max allowed time of execution).

Parallel Execution – Multitasker

Multitasking and Smart Concurrency policy to govern and limit parallel Process Execution.

More automation capabilities

WinAutomation comes with an extensive range of out-of-the-box features for all your automation and process development needs, enabling you to unlock your potential.


Automation Sharing

Advanced Synchronization

Generate .exe

CMD WA Controller


We are here if you need us

Our multi-disciplinary, professional support team is committed to giving you the smoothest RPA journey. We will answer your questions on how to use WinAutomation, or help you get a head start with building process automations for you.

Make WinAutomation your desktop automation solution

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