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How it does it

WinAutomation is built in with features and capabilities to execute automation with ease and enhance your personal and business performance, keeping hardware resource utilization at a minimum.

Development Environment

The easiest to use Process Designer that enables business users to create, run and optimize automations more quickly and with better quality to immediately augment your work. Building processes with the intuitive, drag-n-drop development environment is easier than playing with toy bricks.

execute automation with ease

Scripting Support

Blend WinAutomation with Scripting like JavaScript and, VBScript, PowerShell and be amazed

Web Recorder

Today, software services are increasingly made available online in the form of web applications. WinAutomation’s web recorder is compatible with all 3 major browsers and can make the internet work for you, by simulating any user scenario for webapps, websites, mobile apps or web services.

Macro Recorder

WinAutomation Macro Recorder will set your computer to translate your activities into processes with zero development effort.

Controls and Images Repository

Store all the elements that your Automation will interact with in a central reusable repository.

More automation capabilities

WinAutomation comes with an extensive range of out-of-the-box features for all your automation and process development needs, enabling you to unlock your potential.



Loops and Conditionals

We are here if you need us

Our multi-disciplinary, professional support team is committed to giving you the smoothest RPA journey. We will answer your questions on how to use WinAutomation, or help you get a head start with building process automations for you.

Make WinAutomation your desktop automation solution

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