Secure your Automations and be assured of data discretion while they are being executed

WinAutomation is designed with extended security capabilities, as would be expected from any enterprise-grade software. Maintain full peace of mind with password protected Process execution, stealth mode execution and encryption of sensitive data and credentials across individual Processes and the WinAutomation platform. Perform automation operations confident that you have complete control over who gets access to your Process Automations. Make sure that the automation happening on your screen is visible only when you want.

Encryption methods

More specifically, for the encryption of passwords in the Console (e-mail monitoring and Autologin features), WinAutomation uses DPAPI where a hardcoded password is used along with the Machine’s system password. All the actions that contain a password, are encrypted with AES-192 bits encryption and the decryption occurs by the action itself during the execution. For Password Protected processes, WinAutomation uses the hash of the password to encrypt the process.

Secure Screen (Stealth Mode)

The secure screen means that you can hide from view any automation you want as it is being executed, for example, if you are executing a sensitive process like payroll or if you are away and the workstation is working in unattended mode. Have the confidence that no sensitive data will be displayed in the secure screen, all the while knowing that WinAutomation is doing the job for you.

Secure Screen (Stealth Mode)

If you wish to run an Unattended Process while you are not in front of your workstation, WinAutomation can operate securely by hiding the screen, while it still executes the task in the background. No one would be able to see what it being performed on your machine and what kind of steps the Process is following or what kind of applications are involved. Rest assured that no sensitive data will be displayed in the secure screen, all the while knowing that WinAutomation is doing the job for you.

Process Protection and Secure Editing

Secure your automations and their content with password protected processes. You can set a password for each process you develop and once set there is no way to open and edit such a protected process without the password. You can be the one and only controller of your developed work and pass it to others, only if you wish!

CyberArk Integration

Winautomation’s adds an additional layer of security with its integration with CyberArk, a global leader in privileged access security.