Exception Handling

WinAutomation offers different levels of Exception Handling to cater even for the most unforeseen cases

Error prevention and circumvention logic is built into WinAutomation, with routines and scenarios to cover for and traceback errors. Get ready to make your Processes bulletproof and let nothing affect their execution.

WA offers four levels of exception handling to handle different scenarios. This allows you to set and control the behavior of your Process whatever its complexity, from the smallest building activity (actions) up to the global exception handling for all your Processes.

4 Levels of Exception Handling

The user can set exception handling mechanisms for:

  •  For every step within the Process.  If a single step of your Process could make your Automation fail, you have all the tools at your disposal to determine what will happen and how to handle it.
  •  For a group of steps or a block of Actions. Exception Handling concerns a group of steps, including 1 to ∞ steps. The well-known try-catch, which allows you to set the behaviour that will be followed in case ANY of the steps within the block fail.
  •  For each and every individual Process that you have developed.  If any step within the Process is about to fail, how would you like the Process to behave?
  •  For ALL your Processes. If any Process is about to fail, how would you like WinAutomation to behave?

Custom error handling behavior

With all these mechanisms in place, WinAutomation will make sure that nothing will go wrong. But even if it does, then you have all the tools needed to deal with it in the most efficient way. Keep yourself updated about any failure either by triggering an email to yourself (including a detailed description), or by capturing the screen to see what unexpected factor led to this error.
You can also customise the desired error handling behaviour by selecting dedicated Processes to be executed upon exceptions.